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Salvatore Ganacci releases bizarre single and music video ‘Horse’

Bosnian DJ and producer Salvatore Ganacci is no stranger to outlandish music and music videos. He’s now released a new single and music video called “Horse” to re-establish himself as an EDM meme lord on Skrillex‘s OWSLA label.

The music video for “Horse” is equally as strange and entertaining as Ganacci’s performances onstage; however, the music video seems to send a message (I think): don’t abuse animals.

The track is short, but the music video seems to go on for awhile. Depicting pictures of a panda, sheep, lion, eagle, and a horse, the drop showcases humans punching, slamming doors, and driving into the aforementioned animals. The lead off moves into a more robust portion where Ganacci is driving a shoe and is reminiscent of a Crash Bandicoot video game. Ganacci shows up at these people’s houses and does provides them with a taste of their own medicine by slamming them with doors, driving into them, and punching them.

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