Robbie Rivera In The Air IN ROTATION

Robbie Rivera has pioneered the modern day house music sound. His slew of releases on labels like Juicy Music, Spinnin’ Records, Axtone Records, Dim Mak Records, Ultra Music, and more have allowed Rivera to quickly rise to the top. Now he’s back a four-track EP dubbed In The Air on Insomniac RecordsIN / ROTATION.

Robbie Rivera brings the groove in with the opening and title track, “In The Air.” Acid sounds and heavy filters flow effortlessly with the shouting gospel-like vocals. And that doesn’t slow the groove down at all. Rivera simply runs it through a thinning low- and high-pass filter to add a greater edge to it while it continues to build back up.

“Rotate” comes in hot with a metallic-sounding pluck that floats around your head with a deep kick lying far into the low end. Rivera leverages the use of high-pitched synth sweeps to build high anticipation and a relentless release. The quick fade-outs allow the listener to gather their attention and re-focus themselves back into the meat of the track.

The third track on this energetic EP is Robbie Rivera’s “Back And Forth.” The track does just that too. The pitched vocal dark vocal in the beginning opens up a world that will soon be introduced with a bottomless revolving bass. This filtered bass continues throughout the entire track, much like Rivera’s other implemented elements, but the bass is heavy and strong on this one. And to close things out, Rivera puts a brighter touch on “Back And Forth” with a remix chock-full of atonal sounds, detuned synths, and a punchier kick. The percussive rhythm continues through the entire track, so don’t let the subtle introduction fool you as you begin to rock back and forth.

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