Home Music Rhodz puts out ‘Fading Horizon’ remix package

Rhodz puts out ‘Fading Horizon’ remix package

Rhodz puts out ‘Fading Horizon’ remix package

Back in 2016, Rhodz released his Fading Horizon album, which featured Pipo Fernandez, Auvic, Adam Tell, and many others. Nearly a year-and-a-half later he released a slamming remix package for the album on Tasty Network.

Rhodz is a French producer who is loaded with a myriad of influences. His dazzling productions, paired with razor sharp effects, have placed him as a master of innovative electronic music. His skills are extraordinarily translucent throughout the Fading Horizon album. Furthermore, emotions run wild as his creativity becomes turbulent.

Contributing remixers on this album include artists like Foxhunt, Nhato, Falcon Funk, Becko, Far Too Loud, ProtypeRaptor, and Viticz & Voiid. The genres vary from giddy electro house to bouncy glitch hop.

This remix album has a little taste of electronic music for just about everybody.

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