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REZZ & Blanke drop piercing ‘Mixed Signals’ collaboration

Don't let REZZ and Blanke confuse you with 'Mixed Signals.'

Rezz Holy Ship
Photo credit: Rukes

As 2018 comes to a close, REZZ continues to ramp things up. This time she’s teamed up with Blanke on “Mixed Signals.” 

This sinister new track is sure to stop you dead in your tracks. It’s chock-full of REZZ’s signature dark sounds and Blanke’s equally dark and futuristic spice. A sinister bass flawlessly undermines the myriad of ear-scratching synths that carry mixed signals of varying frequencies. 

“Mixed Signals” throws numerous bass sucker punches as the track quickly unveils itself. Ducking, dodging, yet dancing, you can’t help but indulge in the fact that it’s wholeheartedly REZZ and Blanke. 

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