YouTube has been under fire from advertisers over the last couple of months. In summary, they’ve been placing major advertisers’ ads on hate-filled and extremist videos. They’ve also been placed before videos of young children, which attract unwanted and futile comments.

The major video streaming platform has continually evolved tremendously over the years. Now, YouTube is introducing a new streaming platform to compete with Spotify called Remix. The service will supposedly be an on-demand streaming service with video clips. Bloomberg has confirmed that Warner Music Group has already penned a deal with Remix.

Remix is slated for a March 2018 release, but Google/Alphabet want to ensure the deals are done and sealed prior to the launch. The new streaming platform will replace Google Play Music, and the Google Play Music staff have been getting placed into YouTube’s staff.

Lastly, Vevo’s contract with YouTube is due for renewal and re-negotiation at the beginning of next year.


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