REAPER Pulse Bassrush Records Cover Art

Mysterious music producer REAPER has released another riveting single called “Pulse.” He originally debuted on Monstercat last year, but this new high octane drum and bass single is on Bassrush Records.

REAPER opens this piece with a vocoded vocal, moving percussion, and an eerie pluck to add an edge to the atmosphere. He builds into the drop that unleashes into a ruthless bass onslaught. Tight percussion punch through while sub- and mid-basses blast into the lower frequencies. REAPER also implements sharp high-end synths. Towards the end of the production, he switches the piece up into an equally as hard-hitting dubstep tune to then transition effortlessly back into drum and bass to go out with a bang.

The budding producer has caught the eyes and ears of many with his dark image, mysterious persona, and punishing sound. Bootleg remixes of tracks from artists like Skrillex, Pendulum, and Excision rocketed him into the limelight.

Earlier this year, the bass producer dropped his gut-punching EP Renegade on Monstercat. He followed up this EP shortly after with an equally as gruesome single called “Barricade” on Monstercat.

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