Purple Mints Altered States Dreamify Records

Midtempo newcomer Purple Mints has the ability to alter your state of mind with their newest release on Dreamify Records.

Purple Mints opens “Altered States” on Dreamify Records with an eerie arpeggio that perfectly sits in the background while the grueling track builds into altered version of itself during the midtempo drop. The track is reminiscent of Skrillex’s “Reptile Theme,” which is still a heavy hitter.

The producer states that the track is inspired by 1788-L and Netflix’s Stranger Things series. It’s a unique blend of film, heavy bass, and flawless victories. The budding producer does a phenomenal job at revealing various elements throughout the track, especially the strings and drop elements.

If you’re ready to jump in and allow yourself to feel anxious and uneasy, then allow this upcoming bass music producer to alter your state of mind with their latest release.

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