Home Music Protohype unleashes ‘Nimbus’ EP on Firepower Records

Protohype unleashes ‘Nimbus’ EP on Firepower Records

Protohype unleashes ‘Nimbus’ EP on Firepower Records

Protohype never fails to disappoint when it comes to bass music. His lively, effervescent tracks pummel any dance floor, festival, or rave they’re played out at. The bass prodigy has now unleashed an epic EP titled Nimbus on Firepower Records.

The five-track EP goes hard throughout, and it feels as though it’s never going to let up. The third track, “Power Up!,” received Track of the Day from Insomniac Events, and for good reason. Each track on Nimbus grabs the listener by the ears and shows them a real sonic journey through bass music. Guiding the listener through this sonic adventure is a multitude of screaming synths, heavy bass, wicked sound effects, unexpected transitions, and slamming sound design.

The fifth and final track on the Nimbus EP is a remix of Protohype’s “Threats” from Shlump.

Max Hype is the bass music genius behind the Protohype moniker. Hype comes from the world of hip-hop, which certainly shines in his pieces. Pioneer of the genre “dub hop,” Hype has found the perfect formula for mixing a killer concoction of dubstep bass with sub-rattling hip-hop percussion. At only 22-years-old, Protohype is sure to continue crushing dubstep bass and hip-hop drums for years to come.

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