Japan-based duo PRIDASK, comprised of Aikapin and Tomoyuki Sakakida, close out 2019 with their 12th release, “Dislike.” This hard-hitting bass house track cultivates a mixture of brass stabs and relentless percussion.

A subtle filtered kick opens the curtains on “Dislike,” while a filtered bass pad helps alleviate some of the tension. PRIDASK intricately build this track into a bass house monster and unleash with everything they’ve got. With hints at Martin Garrix’s “Animals,” “Dislike” lays heavily into the lead synth click. The duo effortlessly tuck the additive effects behind the lead synths without overtaking everything and keeping the focus where it belongs: upfront.

The name PRIDASK is a combined word that means “pride” and “ask.” Aikapin is the vocalist of the duo, and Tomoyuki Sakakida handles the production and DJ’ing. Sakakida has a wide array experience with a myriad of genres and cultures and has been active for years.


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