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Pioneer DJ unveils DJM-V10, 6-channel DJ mixer that goes above other DJM products

The Pioneer DJ DJM-V10 contains six channels for extreme flexibility and custom effects.

Pioneer DJM-V10 6 channel professional DJ mixer

Pioneer DJ’s new DJM-V10 provides DJs maximum flexibility and unlimited control to create soundscapes from multiple sources.

Pioneer DJ‘s DJM-V10 allows DJs to connect CDJs, turntables, and a variety of other audio sources to one of its six channels for maximum control and versatility. The DJM-V10 features a four-band equalizer and compressor to further morph and manipulate your sound. This four-band equalizer allows DJs to completely remove the low, low-mid, mids, and highs with an exclusive curve. The compressor allows for fine-tuned volume control to ensure each track is up to par in volume. Additionally, there’s a new filter that Pioneer DJ has added, which is controlled by a knob for each channel, allowing for DJs to add rich textures.

Pioneer DJ DJM V10 rear inputs and outputs
Pioneer DJ’s DJM-V10’s rear

The DJM-V10 features state-of-the-art sound

This flagship DJ mixer has a handful of new features, and one of the exciting ones is the impressive sound quality that’s built in. With studio-quality 64-bit mixing and dither processing, 32-bit high-quality A/D and D/A converters, a low-jitter clock circuit, and many other components, users and listeners will be able to hear and feel the warmth of natural sound in every detail.

The DJM-V10 also features a three-band master isolator, which allows DJs to control the tone of their entire mix with new boost/cut curves and adjustments to the crossover frequencies and other parameters.

The dual headphones output and booth equalizer allows for further fine-tuning to ensure that your mixes and effects are congruent with each other, regardless of where they’re coming from. Each headphone output features their own monitor channel and level control.

Pioneer DJ DJM V10 CDJ2000NXS2 PLX1000 DJS 1000

Software compatibility

You can use the DJM-V10 with Rekordbox DJ/DVS by connecting it to a computer running the latest version of the software. It’s also Serato DVS and Traktor DVS ready. Serato DJ Pro compatibility is coming soon.

See the DJM-V10 in action

You can purchase the DJM-V10 at the beginning of February 2020 for $3,199 USD.



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