VESK GREEN Pegboard Nerds Bounce Monstercat

The Pegboard Nerds and VESK GREEN have joined forces for a reckless dubstep collaboration on Monstercat called “Bounce.”

“Bounce” takes a different sounding approach that your typical Pegboard Nerds tune would have. The ominous entrance of pads and a sliding melody assists in the maintaining of a high energy drop. That drop is built up and delivered and throws everyone for a gut-punch. Releasing an unforgivable amount of bass is a notorious move for Pegboard Nerds and up-and-comer VESK GREEN. The entire duration of this track makes the listener bounce up and down.

The Pegboard Nerds have been fairly quiet the last year, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped releasing tunes that rock the inside walls of a club. They’ve always been a personal favorite, and their sound is clearly standout amongst any other producers in the game.

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