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After months of anticipation, Pegboard Nerds and RaceCarBed have unleashed their epic collaboration, “Troll.” The Nerds teased the track with a few other unreleased tunes in a recent Facebook livestream. “Troll” has been released on Disciple Recordings, not Pegboard Nerds’ go-to label, Monstercat.

Pegboard Nerds’ last release on Disciple Recordings was back in August of 2016 with a remix of Virtual Riot & Dubloadz’s “Juices.” Prior to that, they released their High Roller remix EP, which featured Splitbreed, on Disciple Recordings back in November of 2013.

“Troll” begins like most other Pegboard Nerd tracks; high energy and a relentless amount of anticipation. The Nerds and RaceCarBed don’t take long to launch into what everyone came for: the drop, and it doesn’t disappoint. Sitting at a 110-ish BPM, “Trolls” allows for each and every element of this heavy track sink in nice and deep, especially the bass and in-your-face percussion elements.

The second drop heads into a double-time rhythm to kick up the energy and transition into a rising popular drop in modern dubstep. The Nerds and RaceCarBed end the track with a different snare in the final drop that slaps you in the face and the gut.

A few weeks ago, Pegboard Nerds released their collaboration with Chimeric for an epic and highly anticipated happy hardcore collaboration of “Supersonic.”

If this and the previous release with Chimeric close any suspicion of the Nerds’ upcoming 2018 successes, then it’s bound to be a good year for the respectable Pegboard Nerds.

The dubstep duo consists of Alexander Odden and Michael Parsberg. The two met back in 2005 and formed the iconic, heavy duo in 2011. They’ve collaborated with artists like Jauz, NGHTMRE, Krewella, and Snails. In October of 2015, they released their Pink Cloud EP. All proceeds went to breast cancer research. The EP skyrocketed to No. 2 on iTunes Dance Albums and into the Top 10 on Billboard‘s Dance albums.

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