Pegboard Nerds Manifest Together Monstercat

Pegboard Nerds have returned with two sizzling singles with More Plastic called “Manifest” and “Together” on Monstercat. Both tracks are fueled with high octane, but are drastically different. This marks their second release of 2020.

Pegboard Nerds launch into the two singles with “Manifest,” a riveting dubstep, drum and bass, and happy hardcore fan’s fantasy. A subtle arpeggio opens the track while energetic vocals carry us into the drop, which is unforgiving in its own right. This is something Nerds are notorious for, and I’m not complaining.

The energy continues to flow all the way through, even as Pegboard Nerds pummel into the four-on-the-floor and drum and bass sections.

“Together” opens with a gorgeous acoustic guitar and stunning vocals. It’s reminiscent of a The Chainsmokers track on pop radio, but Pegboard Nerds put a beautiful twist on the drop with burly arpeggio, blissful synths, and fruitful vocal chops.

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