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Pegboard Nerds’ ‘Hero’ receives vivacious Infected Mushroom remix

'Hero' is six years old, and now Infected Mushroom give it a refresh and some ante.

Pegboard Nerds Michael Parsberg Alexander Odden

Pegboard Nerds‘ gut-punching original “Hero” featuring Elizaveta is now six years old. It’s still a heavy-hitting piece, but now it got some additional ante with a psytrance remix from Infected Mushroom.

Monstercat · Pegboard Nerds – Hero (feat. Elizaveta) [Infected Mushroom Remix]

It doesn’t take long for Infected Mushroom to kickstart this remix. Deep filtered basses parse superbly underneath Elizaveta’s piercing vocals. Arpeggios come through and relinquish the subtlety. The build up takes its time to unleash itself, and it slams in with the classic Infected Mushroom sound. They get playful with the vocals being filtered during the drop and allow them to sit perfectly alongside the pumping bass.

The second half of the drop implements an ultra wide supersaw synth and a rock-infused dubstep section. It broke up the psytrance sound and truly elevated the remix and showcased Infected Mushroom’s production diversity.

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