Panuma Tokyo Project EMIAH Siren Spectrvm Recordings

Panuma, Tokyo Project, and EMIAH join forces for an infectious deep house track “Siren” on Spectrvm Recordings.

EMIAH’s shimmering vocals cut through the mix like a weed whacker. Paired perfectly with Panuma and Tokyo Project’s production chops, “Siren” sends the perfect frequencies to your brain to highlight the importance of this catchy deep house tune. With its inevitably catchy lyrics, melodies, and vividly painted atmosphere, “Sirens” can easily get stuck in your head. Additionally, EDX elements are heavily placed throughout, especially during the drop with the thick deep bass pluck to hone in on your deep house grooves and memories. “Siren” signals its listeners to get on the dance floor.

The track is a song that’s inspired by the greek mythological creature of sirens. The creatures lures sailors to shipwreck. This song tells a story about being trapped in a relationship in which you don’t have control over your feelings.

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