Odesza Loyal Deathpact Remix

Mysterious and enigmatic producer Deathpact first leaped into the bass music scene with their collaboration with Rezz on “Life And Death.” Since then, they have continued to release grueling tracks to further their wonder and mystery. Earlier this fall, Deathpact shared their Cipher One EP. Now they’ve returned with a colossal remix of Odesza’s cult-classic “Loyal.”

A drumline styled introduction opens the piece alongside a feverish amount of brass, strings, distant vocals, and an eerie pluck. Deathpact open up the drop with an eclectic build and shivering sound effects, glitches, and the grittiest of basses and synths. The element of surprise is one that’s always certain within Deathpact tracks, and this pulverizing remix is no exception.

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