Home News NoCopyrightSounds has achieved $1 million in sales

NoCopyrightSounds has achieved $1 million in sales

NoCopyrightSounds has achieved $1 million in sales

Back in 2011, NoCopyrightSounds launched into the record label industry by Billy Woodford. The UK-based electronic music label has been a staple in many artists’ careers. Since its inception, NoCopyrightSounds has become a hub for millions of listeners and content creators around the world. Despite releasing its music catalog for free, NoCopyrightSounds has achieved $1 million in sales.

The power of monetization in today’s day and age–especially independent label–is vital in the label and artist’s success. NoCopyrightSounds is renowned for releasing a plethora of genres and pairing those genres with a unique specific color for the audio react during the YouTube video. House, dubstep, trap, drum and bass, and electro pop are only a handful of genres that continue to make appearances on the channel. Artists like Jim Yosef, Alan Walker, Anna Yvette, Aero Chord, Rob Gasser, and Michael White’s careers are among a few electronic music industry talents that thrive on the NoCopyrightSounds label.

“The demand for fresh original music from creators is enormous and growing daily. I believe the music we support on the label complements all types of content, from make-up and beauty community through to the vlogging and gaming world. The fans of these content creators from each community are discovering NCS artists, and that is translating into traditional sales.” 

– Bill Woodford, NCS Founder

NoCopyrightSounds encourages their listeners and other content creators to use the NCS music catalog in their videos, so long they credit NCS and the artist(s) where credit is due. Rather than using material that is likely to get removed or stricken for infringement from their favorite artists, content creators can use the NCS catalog for free, while both NCS and the artist(s) get free promotion in return. This marketing technique has allowed–as Woodford stated above–the channel to grow, as the catalog has been used by make-up, beauty, vlogging, and gaming channels around the world.

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