NIVIRO at Space Club
Photo Credit: Space Club

Burgeoning hands up and hard dance frontrunner, NIVIRO, has released an energetic track on Rave Culture called “The Hymn of Nivoria.”

The track opens with a very ethereal soundscape to it that I’m picturing to be placed in a video game. The tune continues to build and unleashes into a ravaging hands up tune with a piercing kick, pumping off-beat bass, and stadium-sized synth melody. NIVIRO built-in stunning vocals and orchestral elements after the first drop.

As the second drop comes galavanting around the corner, NIVIRO picks up the tempo and prepares the listeners for a second round. This turns the tune into a hard dance tune without drastically changing the original elements. He maintains similar characteristics throughout but pumps much more energy into the track.

The glowing music video is an aerial and flythrough view of Nivoria, a beautifully rendered castle-like city built hundreds of years ago.

NIVIRO has continually released tracks in the hands up vein for years now, but he’s also straddled the line of commercial house music with tracks like “So Funky,” “Dancin’,” “I Just Wanna,” and more.

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