Home Music Nitepunk’s ‘Miracle’ gets heavy drum & bass remix from REAPER

Nitepunk’s ‘Miracle’ gets heavy drum & bass remix from REAPER

Nitepunk’s ‘Miracle’ gets heavy drum & bass remix from REAPER

REAPER has dropped yet another edgy and fiery remix, but this time it’s of Nitepunk‘s “Miracle.” REAPER’s drum and bass sound will effortlessly carry listeners through to the very end.

Being released on HARD Recs, REAPER’s remix of “Miracle” opens with an eerie distant barking/wolf sound. As the night gets darker and the track progresses, listeners are fed with slamming guitars, heavy metal percussion, and a grueling amount of basses. The second drop slows things down just a bit, but that doesn’t mean the energy throughout has been relinquished. That continues until the very last beat.

“‘Miracle’ to me has a massive world inside it, it carries a very specific type of energy,” says Nitepunk. “It’s haunted, fierce, beautiful, and passionate—I can visually see all of these things. When it was time to remix it, I clearly saw how REAPER with his sound and look and energy would be critical to this remix. As I expected and (didn’t expect), he absolutely killed this remix, kept the original essence, and added rocket fuel on the fire. Having him make a remix for ‘Miracle’ made a lot of sense to me and I’m super glad this happened.”

“The pacing and uniqueness of this remix composes a perfect image of my excitement for drum and bass in this upcoming festival season,” REAPER adds. “Nitepunk’s original production motivated me to abandon many of my previous rules of production and arrangement. It’s a miracle to me that I managed to make all my favorite intense elements work together—from the churning metal guitars and drum breaks to the freeform Reese bass melodies.” 

REAPER has shown his high octane sound time and time again, and this Nitepunk spin is absolutely no exception.

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