Rezz at Bonnaroo 2017
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Rezz is giving her fans exactly what they want: dark and heavy music just ahead of Halloween.

The mix features 12 gut-wrenchingly deep and chaotic tracks, some of which have been previously released on Rezz’s secret SoundCloud page. Some of the tracks are new songs, but they’re odes to the tunes she produced at the beginning of her project.

“This years nightmare on Rezz street is DEF for the fans that have been following me since I was a Fetus,” Rezz writes on Twitter. “It is ONLY weird random strange instrumentals, no collaborations.”

The mix begins with Rezz’s signature ominous arpeggio elements and bolstering red lights. A dark recording of a a patient at a psychiatric hospital. The visuals continue leading us through the hospital until we exit and enter the courtyard, which the spinning circular red glasses return to the creature’s face.

Rezz has built in a historic journey into this year’s mix. Four tracks in reintroduces the vocals from “Psycho” with Isqa in 2017 just before “Relax” becomes awakened in the mix. “Relax” was released the same year as “Psycho.”

Rezz recently hosted a launch party in downtown Los Angeles to preview her new Nightmare on Rezz Street 2 Mix for fans. The mix’s visuals were paired with dark robotic elements. The robots danced and fell right into the groove of doom throughout the daunting mix.

Listen to and watch Rezz’s Nightmare On Rezz Street 2 below.

REZZ’s Nightmare On Rezz Street 2 Mix

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