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Nicky Romero’s Kickstart 2 plugin receives long-awaited refresh

Nicky Romero’s Kickstart 2 plugin receives long-awaited refresh
PC: https://www.kickstart-plugin.com/

Nicky Romero’s revered Kickstart plugin got a huge, much needed update.

Kickstart 2 adds a host of new features, including dragging the sidechain curve to fit any kick, audio triggering for non 4/4 rhythms, multiband sidechaining, and a visual kick view.

The plugin is developed by Cableguys and renowned DJ and producer Nicky Romero. They offer a free trial. Once the trial has ended, a plugin license can be purchased for $16. If you purchased the first version, you can upgrade to version two for $5. And if you purchased the plugin after January 1, 2022, you can upgrade for free.

Check out Nicky Romero’s overview of Kickstart 2 below.

After its first release in 2013, it took the dance music community by storm with its simplified interface and ability to perform the sidechain technique effortlessly. It’s quite literally plug-and-play. However, there wasn’t much customizability with it. The plugin didn’t allow for sidechaining from an audio input, which rendered it virtually useless unless if the beat was 4/4.

Over the years it received very few updates to expand its compatibility and featureset. The plugin has since become the go-to sidechain tool for producers like David Guetta, Timbaland, Axwell, and many others.

Producers, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to sidechain, this is a must have plugin in your arsenal. If you’re looking for a slightly more advanced and feature-rich tool, Duck by Devious Machines is a good alternative.

Grab a copy of Kickstart 2 here.


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