Naizon My House

Naizon‘s, whose real name is Yassine Mokdad, heavy inspiration from Rhythm Control‘s “My House” allows his house to flourish with a club-ready tech house style.

Naizon’s heavy industrial feel throughout “My House” is a wonderful tribute to Rhythm Control’s iconic original. He also chops up Chuck Robert’s iconic and mesmerizing speech, allowing for the continued flow of Robert’s “In the beginning there was Jack…” quote.

The slower tempo of “My House” allows Naizon to bounce between the lines of deep and tech house. He flaunts this talent with the infectious groove, gritty sound design, and gut-punching percussion he uses throughout. Naizon has released a slew of house music tracks, including “Dance It” and Golden Cage.” He’s also performed at more than 300 gigs around the globe that span into countries like Thailand, Australia, Switzerland, and Italy.

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