Home News Monstercat introduces new labels: Uncaged and Instinct

Monstercat introduces new labels: Uncaged and Instinct

Monstercat introduces new labels: Uncaged and Instinct

One of the most prolific and respected labels in the electronic music industry is hands down Monstercat. The Vancouver-based independent label is launching into 2018 with some incredible news by announcing two new labels: Uncaged and Instinct.

The legendary electronic music label continues to diversify its footprint within the electronic music industry, and the introduction of the two new labels is certainly a step in the right direction. Currently, it’s home to some of the most iconic artists in the game, including Dion Timmer, Aero Chord, Gammer, Infected Mushroom, Kayzo, Pegboard Nerds, Nervo, and more.

The Uncaged label is the new home base for the heavy bass music, and Instinct will be the home ground for the more popular music.

“Monstercat: Instinct represents an important development in the tastes and interests of the Monstercat family. As we’ve grown, new music, events, and clothing brands inspire us to strive for further innovation. Through an exploration of art, creativity, and beauty, Instinct will develop the unique stories of our artists worldwide.”

–Mike Darlington, CEO of Monstercat

The first track for the Instinct label is “Ready to Fly” by Didrick and Owl City’s Adam Young.

Check out the introductory videos for the new labels below.

Monstercat: Instinct

Monstercat: Uncaged

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