Monäva Playing With Fire FVYDID

Monäva is coming in hot with a punchy and playful piece of future house mayhem called “Playing With Fire.” This marks the DJ and producer’s second release on the FVYDID label.

“Playing With Fire” immediately gets going with an uplifting and silky atmosphere. This soothing atmosphere sits softly underneath a warm vocal and a ferocious build-up into the Don Diablo-esque future house drop. Fluttering synths, swift arpeggios, and punching percussion ensure this grooving anthem completely takes over any dance floor it grazes. Monäva goes extra hard for the final drop as he drags out the arpeggiated synths to heighten the atmosphere.

Enlist your dancing shoes and prepare to jump up and down as you play with fire during this punchy, dynamic single from Monäva.

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