Mazdem Rock This Town

Zaragoza-born producer Mazdem launches a sinister bass house track called “Rock This Town” to kick off 2020.

“Rock This Down” pounces in with a raging deep kick drum and mild hi hats. The verse brings in the track’s energy with an unwavering power. Mazdem embeds the track with a deep, yet subtle piano and a distorted electric guitar. “Rock This Town” goes all out with the bouncing energy and rhythm that it was structured for. Bass house elements course through like water through a coffee filter. Lastly, Mazdem incorporates slow moving breaks after each drop, allowing for their truly contrasting production style to shine through.

2016 saw the release of Mazdem’s debut track “Alien Technology” on Deorro’s Panda Funk records. His music has since been released on Kaiser Records, El Royo Records, Cracking Records, and Rockstar Music. Furthermore, he’s garnered support from electronic music greats like Yolanda Be Cool, Firebeatz, and Sansixto.

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