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Maxim Schunk will ‘Light Up’ the night on Embassy Of Music

Maxim Schunk will ‘Light Up’ the night on Embassy Of Music

German producer Maxim Schunk has sent a shockwave through the electronic music scene recently. His production for “My Name” with Raven & Kreyn and BISHØP dominated the Spotify charts, garnering more than two million streams. Now the all-encompassing producer is back with another infectious and melody driven track called “Light Up” on Embassy Of Music.

“I always try to explore new dimensions for my music,” states Maxim Schunk in a press release. “To me, differentiation is crucial, so I like to play around with new techniques in order to meet my style. However, in the end, I really just need to feel this song’s vibe.”

Maxim Schunk’s music is a heavily fueled passion, just like traveling. He indulges in the ability to embrace his surroundings with an open mind, eyes, and ears to fully immerse himself in every detail. Schunk takes this beautiful inspiration from traveling and his surroundings and meshes them into a state-of-the-art piece of music. “I like to define my sound as fresh and energizing  but inspiring at the same time,” says Schunk. “I want my songs to go deeper but still retain the fun part of electronic music. My sound should stick in your head and be there for every condition of life.”

“Light Up” is founded on a pulsing mid- and sub-bass that drives the piece’s energy. A subtle and heavy four-on-the-floor dominates the rhythm. Transitioning into the drop, Schunk implements a large pad that sits excellently underneath the wispy vocals. The drop flourishes with a stabbing future house piano and a memorable sliced vocal loop that Schunk plays heavily with.

The German producer not only engineers and writes his tracks for the headphones, but also the clubs. “In my opinion, the crowd is the main factor in the nightlife experience,” he says. “I just love it when people are waving their hands up in the air and have a good time. They forget all of their sorrows and just live in the moment. I really like electronic festivals. The moment when the fire show starts on stage and people scream and jump in harmony. It always gives me goosebumps.”

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