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The heat that continually radiates from Tchami‘s maniacal Confession label often gets to be too hot to touch. While we continually are singed with these heaters, Confession has released another track from Matroda and Dillon Nathaniel called “No Doubt.” There’s no doubt that this track will radiate your subwoofers.

Matroda kicked off the summer with a heavy remix of Childish Gambino’s “This Is America.”

The deep, dark vocals that are sprinkled throughout “No Doubt” signify an impressive bass house track. Pulsating energy is fluent in this track’s entirety. Matroda and Dillon Nathaniel bring in an even deeper bass and rhythm for the electrifying drop. Utilizing the stereo spectrum these producers deliver a subtle yet ferocious bass house track.

“This is the heaviest record I’ve made to date,” states Dillon Nathaniel. “To me it sounds like a werewolf and a chupacabra wrestled it out and made a baby in the meantime (lol). Matroda and I had an absolute blast making this one. We can’t thank Tchami and Malaa enough for all of the support they’ve shown us and the record. We can’t wait for all of the Confession fans to be bumping this one LOUD!”

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