Mastadon Death Pit Never Say Die Records

The dubstep genre continues to get more and more relentless every day. Mastadon is at the forefront of this savageness. His latest new track on Never Say Die Records is, well, mosh pit material, to say the least.

Similar to other Mastadon tracks, “Death Pit” takes absolutely no time at all to jump into the so-called death pit. Grungy basses, screaming synths, and excruciatingly heavy percussion pair superbly with this unforgiving track. In addition to the aforementioned basses, synths, and percussion, Mastadon implements acid sounds that are sprinkled perfectly throughout this piece. The stomping sounds and basses make it sound like a tyrannosaurus rex are trampling through the neighborhood.

Prepare yourself as you hit the play button on this one.

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