Martin Solveig My Love Dillon Francis Remix

French producer and DJ Martin Solveig has taken the dance music scene by storm with his infectious tracks like “Hello” with Dragonette, “Intoxicated,” and “Places.” One of his recent originals called “My Love” has been streamed more than 10 million times around the globe has received the Dillon Francis remix treatment. And it’s weird (in a good way). The track and remix have been released on Positiva Records.

A pounding four-on-the-floor opens the track, adding incredible reverb effects to build into Martin Solveig’s own vocoded and computerized vocals. The infectious “my love” top line continues into the track’s tropical house drop. Dillon Francis utilizes steel drums, an instrument that has found its way into many electronic and pop hits today. Francis adds a unique spin by keeping the bass nice and deep, percussion simple and groovy, and the track extremely catchy and memorable.

The remix was released on September 7 and follows Solveig’s performances at Creamfields and SW4 Festival.

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