Martin Garrix
Photo credit: Rukes

Martin Garrix released a progressive and bass house shortly after his headlining performance at Ultra Music Festival. The track, called “Mistaken,” is a collaboration with Russian duo Matisse & Sadko and Alex Aris on vocals.

The collaboration isn’t entirely a shock because of Garrix and Matisse & Sadko’s similar sound. Furthermore, Matisse & Sadko released their track “Saga” through Garrix’s STMPD RCRDS label last year.

Garrix opened up his set with the now-released track at Ultra Music Festival in Miami. Watch the Dutch DJ and producer open his set with the track via the tweet below.

The track features a stark contrast between Garrix and Matisse and Sadko’s sound. Garrix and Matisse and Sadko beautifully highlight Alex Aris’s vocals with a whispy pad, a slow moving percussion rhythm, and an vibrant atmosphere. With the gleaming open shining like the moon on a cloudless night, the drop sizzles like bacon in hot grease. Prepare for piercing off-pitched synth stabs, a booming kick drum, and pulsating basses.

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