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Marshmello has been at the forefront of dance music for the better part of a decade. Now the super producer just dropped a fiery classic sounding track called “Unity,” a single from their upcoming Joytime IV album.

The “Happier” songwriter and producer has recently transformed their festival-driven trap sounds to align more with modern day pop stars. Marshmello has most notably collaborated with A-list artists like Halsey, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, and Lil Peep, to name a few.

The sound of Marshmello’s explosive past has weaved its way back into the tone of “Unity,” bringing fans and listeners together once again. Swirling with edgy mid-basses and infectious melodies, “Unity” swings around like a tetherball. The opening of the track flutters with wispy chord synths. The melody carries listeners into the trap-infused drop alongside a flourishing bass and perky percussion.

Check out the official music video for Marshmello’s “Unity” below.

Marshmello’s official music video for “Unity”

Last year, Marshmello released the third single from Joytime IV, “BeFoRe U.” Early in 2023, they released “Party Jumpin’,” a collaboration with electronic music duo Jamie Brown.

Marshmello has been teasing the release of Joytime IV since 2019, which is three years after they released their debut Joytime in 2016. At the time of this article’s publishing, there is no release date for Joytime IV.

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