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Legendary Chicago house music producer and DJ Marshall Jefferson has released a groovy track called “Go Down” on Helix Records with UK-based singer-songwriter Joe Killington.

“Go Down” comes shortly after Marshall Jefferson’s massive collaboration with Black Eyed Peas, Anuel AA “Muevelo” and Ten City’s “Love Is Love.”

Starting off with a groovy piano melody and striking percussion, Marshall Jefferson takes no time to get the party started. Killington’s vocals jump in and carry the house music energy to the end. Various percussion effects, swells, and drops of “ear candy” keep the listener engaged and are a stern reminder of Jefferson’s attention to detail when it comes to crafting iconic house music tunes.

“Really excited about this one, everyone involved put a lot of energy into it and you can feel the energy from the very first note,” Marshall Jefferson says in a press release shared with EDM In A Soda. “Hands will be in the air!”

Give “Go Down” a listen below.

Marshall Jefferson’s track “Move Your Body” will stand the test of house music time. That track solidified Jefferson’s career as a pioneering musician and producer. “Move Your Body” was the first track of its time to weave piano into the production. It has since been revisited and remade by artists like Solardo and Tchami to showcase the track’s timelessness.

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