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Masked anonymous DJ and producer, Malaa, has dropped their first single off of their forthcoming Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2 called “Bling Bling.” In addition to their Illegal Mixtape Vol. 2, Malaa is also preparing for a headline tour this Fall, dubbed Illegal Tour 2018.

Earlier this year, the anonymous DJ and producer linked up with Tchami to “Kurupt” your speakers.

“Bling Bling” surely isn’t as a dark and grungy as their previous releases. It does, however, feature an ear-catching drop that’s filled with sliding synths, deep basses, and infectious male vocals. “Bling Bling” builds into a track that house music lovers yearn for. Put on your bling, turn up the volume, and blast “Bling Bling” as you fashion up for the Illegal Tour 2018. You can purchase tickets here.

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