Miami, Florida-based producer Luis Crucet makes a beautiful return with a strong original called “Mist.” This is his first original track this year. Crucet’s production truly takes the listener to a mystical wonderland and serves as his first track off his forthcoming EP Current.

Chock-full of melodies, cavernous reverbs, and deep basses, “Mist” is all about the vibe. The introduction opens with a stunning mystical pluck that quickly transitions into a pulsating synth with strong bass and future bass grooves. Filtered vocals play a powerful role within this mind-boggling track. The utopian atmosphere and airy elements sprinkled through allow any listener to graciously absorb the beauty that lies within Luis Crucet’s production.

“‘Mist’ is about being in peace with your mind and finding tranquil through tough times.” – Luis Crucet

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