Lodato Home

Lodato opens the door to his house music vehicle and takes you on a blissful ride home in his newest single, “Home.”

Lodato’s “Home” is a gorgeous ride through the bustling house music streets. Immediately revving the engine to get you hot and bothered, he launches the production into hyperdrive, which may cause a gear or two to slip. It’s all good, though, because the sizzling synths, punching basses, and moving percussion pull you in and allow you to soak in scenes as you drive through the scenic parts of town. Lodato’s use of filters within the track to build the transitions up and down only alleviates the sadness of having to go home for the night. However, if you feel like going home with that special someone, then by all means take them home.

Lodato has quickly risen to become one of the main names in electronic music. His effervescent sound, energetic stage presence, and state-of-the-art remixes, originals, and bootlegs have landed him on the Billboard Dance charts and remixes for artists like Vassy, Tiësto, Vicetone, Clean Bandit, and more.

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