Timmo Hendriks Lindequist Robin Vane Magical Protocol Recordings

Timmo Hendriks and Denmark producer Lindequist join up for a collaboration with singer-songwriter Robin Vane called “Magical” on Protocol Recordings.

Robin Vane’s charismatic vocals shine through and close this out to be one of the hottest progressive house tracks of the summer. Shimmering melodies, sharp sliding bass, and ambient atmospheres space out this cunning well-produced piece of art. Allow these wonderfully crafted elements of electronic music sweep you away to a magical place.

This isn’t the first time Lindequist and Timmo Hendriks have collaborated. They came together last year on “Thinking About You” as part of Protocol Recording’s Miami 2019 EP. “Thinking About You” is about to surpass “Ziema” in streams, which will mark the label’s best-performing release to date.

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