Lichwood PR Cottontail Curse

Singe your nose hairs type music comes through every now and then, but Lichwood and P.R. Cottontail‘s “Curse” is on another level. The dubstepmidtempo hybrid is a ravaging bass work of art from the first downbeat to the last.

The producers open the track with eerie men choirs and lingering synths that carry into the filtered percussion. They don’t take too long to allow the hefty kick and sub bass flow into the mix. Detuned synths lift the listeners into a new height of darkness, which further implement this curse into their minds. The unforgiving bass is an absolute onslaught of heavy sound design and superbly highlights Lichwood and P.R. Cottontail’s skills.

The fluttering sound design and basses that run rampant throughout rise up for the darker good, and Blanke, Lizzy Jane, and Quackson have already shown support for this dark curse.

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