Home Music Lektrique & The Arcturians’ track demands ‘Mercy’

Lektrique & The Arcturians’ track demands ‘Mercy’

Lektrique & The Arcturians’ track demands ‘Mercy’

The bass mastermind behind the decks on Kannibalen Radio, Lektrique, is back with The Arcturians on Kannibalen Records for a colossal collaboration called “Mercy.”

Lektrique’s electric retro sound is unprecedented and instantly recognizable amongst fans. The hard-hitting percussion paired with the incredibly edgy basses and synths immediately sets up all Lektrique tracks, and “Mercy” is no exception. The Kannibalen Radio host toggles back and forth from electro house and dubstep for a jaw-dropping bass anthem.

Vincent Sergeant is the name behind the Lektrique alias. His musical reign began at 15-years-old when he DJ’ed at local parties. He swiftly fell in love with the European electro scene. At 25-years-old, Sergeant has garnered an immense amount of support over the years from artists. He currently resides in Montreal, Canada and hosts a bi-weekly mix show for the Kannibalen Radio Podcast.

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