LALZIN Turn The Lights Off VOWED Remix

LALZIN‘s stunning “Turn The Lights Off” receives a sharp bass house remix from VOWED.

Showering listeners with deep and dark Habstrakt sounds, VOWED pierces through your sound system with sharp synths, grumbling basses, and a kick that slides through the airwaves like a javelin through jello. A filtered arpeggio begins the track with a stomping four-on-the-floor groove. The sub bass, filtered clap, and vocal chops slide in shortly thereafter. Allow this track to build up into its full potential because it vows to turn off your lights.

LALZIN got into music at a very young age. He started playing violin and trumpet at the age of seven. Shortly after he began his journey into electronic music. In 2016, VARZHIN Records spotted him and then garnered support from 3000 Bass in 2017. He blends trap music with house music to create an immersive atmosphere between the two unique genres.

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