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Kygo & Zak Abel make the best of their ‘Freedom’ in unplanned new music video

Kygo & Zak Abel make the best of their ‘Freedom’ in unplanned new music video

Norwegian tropical house mastermind Kygo and vocalist Zak Abel join forces for a beautiful track called “Freedom” off of Kygo’s forthcoming album ‘Golden Hour.’

This heartwarming new track has been released on Ultra Music. And like any other Kygo track, “Freedom” leverages his incredibly effective vocal effects and maneuvers throughout. Abel’s dynamic vocal range allows for a playful melody and a memorable melody.

This track comes a few weeks after Kygo’s collaboration with Zara Larsson and Tyga on “Like It Is.”

“Freedom” is a track with Kygo’s signature sound. Punching percussion, stabbing pianos with a stand-out chord progression, and a barrage of vocal effects flood this track from the get-go. Zak Abel’s warm aesthetic vocals sit effortlessly on top of this cunning production, especially during the pre-chorus. Abel unleashes his vocal abilities during the chorus, shouting “you give me freedom I’ve been lookin’ for.” The house-styled piano stabs heighten the effectiveness of this riveting new track.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dampened the entire planet’s plans, especially musicians.

Festivals are being cancelled, people are losing their jobs, and we’re realizing that we won’t be taking festivals or our jobs for granted after this is over. And Kygo and Zak Abel’s “Freedom” music video is certainly no exception.

The beginning of the music video states, “This was gonna be a music video shot in the Maldives. It was gonna have blue waters and palm trees swaying in the wind. Zak Abel was gonna play guitar by the beach. And I was gonna play the piano in the sunset. None of that happened.”

Kygo and Zak Abel, however, made due with what they had and churned out a playful video anyways. It was directed by Johannes Lovund. The video has beautiful scenery of mountains and B-roll shots of Kygo and Zak in their homes playing piano, guitar (which Kygo says he can’t play), singing into the camera, and making food. They surely made the best of what they had. And they want you to stay home and stay safe so we can once again have our freedoms and be reunited under the night skies and flashing festival lights.

Thankfully, artists, managers, and music professionals alike are joining together to curate online music shows for fans. This is the beauty during this dark time. When the going gets tough, we can always rely on one another for a good time and prove that the show will go on.

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