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Kygo‘s Palm Tree Crew lifestyle brand has partnered with Duvin Design, a go-to beach clothing brand, to create clothing that goes hand-in-hand with his tropical house sound.

The limited-edition partnership between Duvin Design and Palm Tree Crew presents a bright array of prints that feature floral prints, an ode to the feel good vibe that is encapsulated during the summer months. The collection is comprised of two t-shirts, hoodie, shorts, and a button-down cabana shirt.

The entire collection references a number of vintage Floridian imagery, like swaying palm trees, flamingos, and various florals. This makes it perfect for any tropical vacation or music festival destination.

Kygo's Palm Tree Crew and Duvin Design form limited-edition clothing partnership, flamingo, palm tree t-shirts and shorts
Kygo’s Palm Tree Records and Duvin Design form limited-edition partnership

“Whenever PTC releases collaborations, we want to make sure the item itself is special and different from any other collections,” says Myles Shear, Kygo’s manager, in a press release shared with EDM In A Soda. “We believe that is the case with our partnership with Duvin.”

Duvin’s co-founder, Austin Duvall, added that he’s been a fan of Kygo’s brand and music for a long time, so creating a partnership between Palm Tree Crew and Duvin was a natural transition.

“I was extremely excited when the opportunity to partner with Palm Tree Crew arose,” Duvall says. “We’ve been longtime admirers of Kygo’s music as it has become renowned for its tropical influences, so the natural synergy between our philosophies has allowed us to create something we’re really proud of.”

The collection is available exclusively on Duvin Design’s website and Palm Tree Crew’s website.


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