Kygo shares music video for ‘Stranger Things,’ feat. OneRepublic

Kygo continues to tug at our heartstrings with amazing visuals paired with his tracks.

Kygo is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after producers out there. His ability to produce tear-jerking music that is superbly complemented by equally as emotional music videos is unmatched. A few months ago, the tropical house phenomena released a cunning orchestral version of “Stargazing,” which featured vocalist Justin Jesso.

Now, a few months after his debut Kids In Love album, he’s shared the music video for “Stranger Things,” which features OneRepublic.

The official music video, directed by Tim Mattia, tells the story of a charming couple. Both of them have very different jobs and struggles, but they come to realize that they’re struggling without each other. Through flashbacks and great memories of the stranger things they did together, they’re continually reminded at how precious those moments are. Every couple is unique, and “Stranger Things” highlights just that.

Last November, Kygo teamed up with a team of specialists to develop a mobile application that pairs with his headphones. The application is called Kygo Sound, and it allows users to fine-tune their listening experience. Furthermore, the application teaches the user about professional quality music production and audio engineering.

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