Kygo & Miguel’s ‘Remind Me to Forget’ gets official music video

Kygo and Miguel‘s emotional, tropical house track “Remind Me to Forget” receives an equally as emotional music video. The Norwegian tropical house producer paired with Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Miguel to release the track back in mid-March of 2018.

“Remind Me to Forget” is about love that wasn’t setup to last. Two simple lines of lyric tell that simple story: “It doesn’t matter where you are, you can keep my regret ‘cause baby I got these scars, reminding me to forget.”

A ballerina is featured throughout, alongside Miguel and Kygo himself. She dances around through explosions and shards of glass being thrown everywhere. Miguel, who seems as broken as the lightbulbs in the room, stays strong amongst the firestorm of events. Towards the end, Kygo’s piano keys start flying off, heightening the depth of the scars someone left.

The connection the “It Ain’t Me” producer continues to make with his music often pairs effortlessly with an equally cunning visual experience. This music video is certainly no exception.

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