Kygo & Imagine Dragons’ ‘Born To Be Yours’ receives official music video

'Born To Be Yours' by Kygo and Imagine Dragons receives the perfect music video.

Kygo and Imagine Dragons‘ superb collaboration on “Born To Be Yours” showcases blending of tropical house and pop/rock music. The track was released earlier this summer and fulfills all of the summer vibes. The track’s success has waived it to be one of the most recognized dance tracks of summer. Now it’s received a cunning official video to pair with the flawless sound.

Kygo has been on run this year, having recently released a track with Miguel called “Remind Me To Forget.”

The unexpected character, Bigfoot or Sasquatch, is the lead character. Throughout the video, Bigfoot is on the hunt to find love. Every body and creature deserves love. Bigfoot interacts with a female on social media, setting up a time to meet with each her. During his venture to meet with his potential lover, Bigfoot is ambushed by hunters and chased into the forest. Thankfully, he discovers the house that he was supposed to meet the girl at. Consequently, he’s caught by the woman and chained up with another Bigfoot. With the lyrics being so truthful yet forward, the visuals complement them superbly.

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