Home News Kygo discusses new headphones and equalizer app [Video]

Kygo discusses new headphones and equalizer app [Video]

Kygo discusses new headphones and equalizer app [Video]

Tropical house music phenomenon, Kygo, recently released his Kids In Love album, which featured eight perfectly crafted tracks with artists like John Newman, Wrabel, OneRepublic, and a few others. To achieve such pristine quality he needs top-of-the-line audio reference gear, especially headphones.

Kygo originally unveiled his line of headphones back in August of 2016. Since then, he’s continued to work with specialists in Bluetooth technology, as well as visual and sound design. Paired with the Kygo Life headphones is a brand new app, which links up to the headphones to hone in and achieve on the exact sound that desire. The new application, dubbed Kygo Sound, is even operable by the plug-and-play consumers, while teaching them about the art of professional quality music production and audio engineering.

When I listen to music, I love to just immerse myself into the sounds and the details and the soundscape, just shut out the outside world. To do that, I definitely need the best quality sound and headphones possible.

The new and improved headphones are now on sale at Kygo Life and brings about brand new color options, a fun equalizer, and improved sound quality.


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