Krewella release catchy ‘Bitch of the Year’ track & video for International Women’s Day

The new music video omits deadmau5 after he threatened legal action.

Krewella most certainly are one of the most forward-moving women in the music industry today. Their voices continue to empower those around them, especially women. In lieu of International Women’s Day, the Chicago, Illinois-natives dropped their track “Bitch of the Year” and music video.

“Bitch of the Year” is short, but it sends a powerful message, especially to women. Throughout the video’s entirety, men who’ve been accused of sexual harassment and/or misogyny continually flash up on the screen. A few of these men include Harvey Weinstein and Donald Trump. The previous video also featured deadmau5, but he threatened legal action and the video was removed and re-uploaded without the Mau5.

This epic music video comes shortly after Krewella released their track and music video, “Alibi.”

Krewella is an electronic music duo from Northbrook, Illionis that consists of sisters Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf. The group was originally a trio, with their third member being Kristopher Trindl (Rain Man). Rain Man was removed from the group back in 2014. With successful albums and EPs like Play Hard and Get Wet, the duo is certainly a standout electronic act in the music industry.

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