A few months after KILL SCRIPT surfaced with their FIRST CONTAKT EP, the underground techno producer has released their sophomore EP VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT on NIGHTMODE.

KILL SCRIPT’s sound and vision is heavily built around worldbuilding, sci-fi, and is heavily inspired by industrial-influenced underground music. “GENOME DIAL” flies in with sidechained “ehhh” sounding vocals, deep supersaw synths, and a rigorous kick and bass. Flowing arpeggios flow effortlessly throughout the track. KILL SCRIPT built in heavy influences of old school trance elements, which can be clearly heard.

“DEGRADE REFLECTION” takes a more electro house approach and storms through with a punchier kick, flourishing acid sounds, and thundering synth stabs. All of these elements are prime real estate for the underground sound and style KILL SCRIPT is quickly becoming recognized for.

“After the amazing support of ‘STASIS’ and my FIRST CONTAKT EP, I couldn’t think of a better home for my new EP, VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT,” KILL SCRIPT says in a press release. “After giving me my first shot, I can’t thank NIGHTMODE enough for providing me a platform to further tell my story and build this universe. Building this project has been so special and all the love to this point has just fueled me to add more to it and really sink into the story. Stoked to be sharing more of the story with everyone.”


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