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Kai Wachi starts 8-week release streak with heavy ‘ASMODEUS’

Kai Wachi is releasing a new track every week for the next 8 weeks, and 'AMODEUS' kicks it off.

Kai Wachi ASMODEUS Kannibalen Records

Kai Wachi goes absolutely insane on a new Kannibalen Records drumstep release, “ASMODEUS.” As Kai Wachi sets out on an eight-week tour, he will be releasing a new track every week. “ASMODEUS” starts off this streak.

Warning sounds, sirens, and a pitched snare immediately builds into an unforgiving drop. The drop unleashes with a wet sounding synth and a gut-punching sub bass that readies you for what is immediately to come. Vocal samples laugh in your face and inform you that you must die. This pulsing bass and sharp synths pierce through the mix and carry into the drop and pair with the formidable percussion. Certainly Kai Wachi was aiming straight for the headbangers with this track.

Kai Wachi has been playing “ASMODEUS” out for awhile now, and fans have been yearning for it to be released. Now they have it at their disposal. Much like other Kai Wachi releases, this track certainly isn’t for the feint-hearted for obvious reasons.

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