Home News Hear K-391’s voice for the first time & watch him produce

Hear K-391’s voice for the first time & watch him produce

Hear K-391’s voice for the first time & watch him produce

Mysterious electronic producer K-391 revealed his voice during a 10-hour YouTube livestream to produce music.

In a two-part series of YouTube videos called “How to produce at home,” K-391, whose real name is Kenneth Osberg Nilsen, breaks down his production techniques and shows fans what goes on behind the scenes in his productions. Shortly after he begins the livestream, he removes the vocal effects on his microphone to unveil his voice. The first video can be viewed above. Here’s the second one:

Anonymous music producers aren’t new, and it’s understandable why they want to remain anonymous.

Artists like Marshmello, who isn’t as unknown anymore, Malaa, Bear Grillz, and ℧Z hide their identity for a number of reasons. One of those reasons is because they don’t want fans and other musicians to be focused on their personal lives. It’s about the music, not what they’re doing behind the scenes. That’s not as important as to what they’re contributing to the music community.

Some of these masked phenomenons came up as successful ghost producers, which allowed them to experiment with various genres and sounds without the judgement of people who insist an artist stick to their genre.

According to Dance Music NW, “Artists who feel boxed-in by genre definitions, or want to try new things without potentially incurring the wrath of the EDM Genre Snobs, suddenly have a platform where those fears aren’t necessary. Wiping away all of the preconceived stigmas of being a ‘true trance DJ’ or an artist who ‘only does dubstep’ is a great way to force listeners to focus on the music, at least initially.”

All artists’ genres and styles change throughout their careers. Different experiences throughout their careers greatly influence how they compose music. 2020 Skrillex will never be the same as 2013 Skrillex, folks.

K-391 will continue to change electro house music.

K-391 has been one of my favorite electronic producers for years. His collaboration with Alan Walker, Julie Bergan, and SeungRi on “Ignite” lit up my world. His bold productions in “Summertime [Sunshine],” “This Is Felicitas,” and “~Crazy Bass 2012~” with hefty low-end and incredibly memorable melodies and atmospheres make him a mastermind producer. There are simply no sounds similar to it.

He has since exploded with collaborations with Alan Walker and releases on NoCopyrightSounds. Personally, I’m excited to hear what K-391 will bring to the dance music table in the coming years. We know that we’re going to get great music.

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