Justin Caruso Cappa Ryan Hicari More Than a Stranger

Justin Caruso, Cappa, and Ryan Hicari have teamed up for a hip-hop, pop, and electronic-fused collaboration called “More Than a Stranger.” The stunning culmination of soft synths, wispy vocals, and distorted basses takes up a catchy vibe throughout the piece. “More Than a Stranger” is out via Caruso’s new label, Nine Twenty Two.

Cappa and Ryan Hicari go back and forth on the vocals and take shape in the form of vocoders, raw, and heavily filtered elements. The piece begins with warm and cunning piano. The track is about getting together with strangers during a social occasion and hopefully getting to know them as friends as the evening progresses.

“It would be that feeling of when you’re out with a big group and you see that one person that catches your eye. We could talk about first night I went out with Olivia. When I was out with friends and we all went to a bar in Los Angeles, I saw this one girl, and for the rest of the night, she was all I thought about and all I was focused on. I knew in that moment when I saw her that nothing else that night would matter to me and everything around me became meaningless.” -Justin Caruso

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